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He is risen! He is risen, indeed! This is the time-honored way Christians greet one another on Easter morning. The news of that April morning so long ago has invaded billions of lives now. The resurrection of Jesus makes an ultimate difference for all believers. The Season of Easter is in stark contrast to the preceding season of Lent, with its muted decor and symbols of Christ's suffering and death. Easter bursts into our lives full of color, flowers, upbeat music, and reminders of the new life we share in Christ. Not only are the sights around us energizing and uplifting, the lilies and other flowers touch our sense of smell and heighten our awareness that Jesus is alive!

We invite you to join us in church, and if you can't, please join us for recorded services available on this website.

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Our small groups keep going strong, and there is a placefor you! Men's group, Sunday School, Choir, Bible Alive, Quilters,all these are open to you. At St. Matthew Lutheran Churchyou will find many opportunities to learn, to serve, and tobe among friends who share your faith.

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