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St. Matthew Committees

Social Activities Committee

This committee is responsible for the maintenance of the Church kitchen and overseeing events where food is served, such as funerals or fellowship meals. The committee includes members who have obtained the required state certification for safe handling of food.
For more information please contact: Marilyn Boehm 815-776-0486.


Altar Care and Worship Committee

A number of congregation members participate in various important roles related to worship such as preparing for communion.
For more information please contact: Fabi Voigt 713-447-6169


Safety, Security and Technology Committee

Operation of the Church requires special knowledge of technology for maintaining computer systems, electronic records, sound & video and the building security system. This committee, which consists of several teams, each specializing in different aspects, insures that required maintenance is performed and there is more than one individual who is familiar with each component.
For more information please contact: Roger Johnson 815-777-8523


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